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Writing a research paper about the censorship is a common task at college. Young people encounter it very often, but very few of them know how to deal with this type of papers correctly and quickly. As a result, they spend hours on analyzing this topic and then putting down their thoughts. Of course, the main reason why it takes so much time is students’ unawareness of the structure of this paper and having no ideas about the issue of censorship at all. In the most cases, they have never met this thing in their life. So, teenagers may even fail this work because of the lack of the experience and knowledge. Our team understands that some difficulties appear in the process of writing a research paper about censorship and tries to help young people to deal with them. Below you can find several good tips and hints that will make your work easier and more pleasant.

Create a Thesis Statement

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First of all, you should make a clear and short thesis of your paper. It should show your main ideas and opinion on the censorship. Decide if you support its usage or maybe, you have an opposite opinion and find that this issue has to be reduced nowadays. Mention the importance of your research: why should people care about this problem and discuss it today? Add some information about the influence of the censorship on our lives. For example, if you do not appreciate it and support freedom, you have to write it clearly at the beginning of your article.

Negative Factors

Our team prepared some negative points against censorship in mass media and other spheres of people’s life. Firstly, this reduced our freedom: you cannot express your opinion and ideas clearly, as there are lots of limits and boundaries. Censorship in the music industry of in the field of art may deplete the creativity and prevent someone’s talent from development. On the other hand, some people, for example, teenagers, cannot observe content which has a mark of parental control. It includes music CDs, movies and so on. As a result, students do not know the life negative sides and true things about human nature, which may cause disappointment and insecurity in the future.

Positive Factors

There are some positive features of the censorship as well. They are useful for you if you choose a position of a supporter of this issue. For instance, it prevents children from seeing or hearing an inappropriate content. Censorship fights against filthy language on TV, radio and internet. Moreover, a lot of violent materials are reduced thanks to it. It includes too bloody scenes in movies, racists’ jokes on television shows and brutality on mass media at all. Sure, no one likes to read a newspaper article with plenty of rude words and phrases. In such a way, humanity tries to protect itself from the negative impacts of mass media and enjoy content with the best quality.

Your Own Survey

It is significant to mention how you researched this topic. Maybe, you had questioned some young people about their opinions on censorship or used a famous and reliable resource. Demonstrate the methods of your survey and its results. For example, you can check how the history of censorship has changed through the history. On the other hand, it is possible to research a certain event where this issue has taken place. Analyze this and detect the kind of impact of the censorship in this exact case. Support your statements with arguments and present some facts. It is a good idea to add statistics.

Your Solution to This Problem

It is essential to present your own solution to the issue of censorship. It should be a result of your survey. For example, if you do not support it, you have to explain some ways of reducing censorship on mass media. Make a specific plan: demonstrate the major steps and things, which are necessary to realize them. Keep in mind that you have to orient on the methods and your arguments while creating a solution to this problem.


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In the last paragraph of your paper, you should mention the results of your survey and benefits, which it gives to humanity. You can repeat your main idea and summarize all the points in your text. Try to make the conclusion short and clear. It is essential to be able to make a corollary correctly, as this is the way of demonstrating your attainments and results in a certain kind of research.

All in all, the issue of censorship is complicated and has to be discussed a lot nowadays. So, you have many good opportunities to make your own research on this topic and it will have a really great importance for the community. Do not be afraid to express your creative and original ideas about this issue. Your professor will definitely appreciate your diligence and unusual approach to the writing of this report. We hope that our article is useful for young people, who have a task to create an essay on censorship. Use these tips and you will complete it quickly and easily. 

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