Essay Sample: Children Law

Children law
In daily activities, children should be determined and recognised as individuals of specific importance. In order to achieve this, their welfare should be provided by their parents, guardians, or responsible authorities of the government. According to the International Labour Office (2006), children should be given the most standardised rights across the world.

Studying Tips: How to Train Your Memory

Memory Training

Do you know, that according to scientific research, a brain of a single human can store from 1 to 7 million megabytes of data if to compare it with a computer memory? Probably, many have heard about this, but not everyone can say that he or she has such a phenomenal memory. writers investigated the topic deeper.

How to Write a Christmas Card


Christmas is a time that gives everybody an endless feeling of joy, home coziness and inner peace. However, nowadays, a lot of students cannot spend their Christmas holidays with their families and relatives, especially it concerns international students. It becomes a real problem as they have issues with getting a visa or are not able to pay for the tickets. How then they can share their Christmas mood with the dearest people? Send them a postcard! We've chosen main tips how to make it warm and loving.

Top Movie Series About Students

Student Movie

The company of friends arrived, popcorn is ready: it is time to laugh upon a movie about crazy life of students! You should not waste much time to look for any cool series: here are the best movies about students and for students. Presented by

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