6 Rules to Develop Your Brain

Brain Development

You’ve probably read lots of literature about brain development tips. Good articles and books always mention about the necessity of everyday practice. Without having regular exercises, one can get stuck with a problem we know how to solve in theory only. So, the main rule of brain development is: practice every day. A brain is the most valuable instrument every human has. You can’t allow it to get out of order. The following six rules that our experts of academic writing use will be an addition to the main one.

Six Rules

  1. Make Your Brain Organized;
  2. Cultivate Enthusiasm;
  3. Feed Your Interest;
  4. Think;
  5. Increase Your Concentration Skills;
  6. Strengthen Your Perception.

Let’s take a look onto every rule separately.

  • 1. Make Your Brain Organized

    Organization is the most important skill. It means storing your things and thoughts in the right way. This quality influences all fields of your life: from private to professional one. Even when it is about any creative activity, chaos is mostly an obstacle.

    Imagine that you are terribly disorganized physically: you throw things everywhere, you don’t maintain order. You are about to pass an important exam in the morning. You wake up late (because of going to bed late), and start preparing yourself to it. Instead of taking the bag and getting out of the apartment, you are made to run around the rooms and to look for necessary things. As a result, you get a significant dose of stress and come to the exam being seriously late. There is a chaos in your head, and you can’t think about exam questions. You just try to put your neural system to order instead.

    This is an example that illustrates lives of many people. Things that should be done yesterday are not being done, they delay them till next day and then suffer from stress and being late all the time.

    This is where the lack of organization can lead you:

    • Night studies and lack of sleep;
    • Funds waste on travelling, as nothing was thought out and lots of things were forgotten at home;
    • Chaos in your mind;
    • Bad studying or job results;
    • Irritation of people around, especially if teamwork is the point;
    • Being late.

    Learn to manage your time properly, or you will be made to react to appearing troubles till the end of your life.

  • 2. Cultivate Enthusiasm

    One of the most underestimated philosophers, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that one can’t reach something great with no enthusiasm.

    Being enthusiastic means getting involved into an activity and getting real satisfaction form it. If you don’t like reading books, start reading ones which are the most interesting to you. Or solve puzzles. Develop your brain using ways you like. If you need to make yourself feel enthusiastic, so be it. Later you’ll believe in that.

  • 3. Feed Your Interest

    Interest is an emotion making you feel the wish to learn something or someone. As William Morris said, the real secret of happiness is in the real interest one feels about the world around them.

    How can you teach yourself to be interested in everything around? You probably won’t like this tip, but it is the same as with the enthusiasm: you need to persistently persuade yourself, to look for the possibilities to create motivation. There are people who don’t want to do anything during decades. Lots of things could change if they tried.

    The developed interest influences concentration and memory positively. It allows you to keep your attention on something longer, to feel the subject with all your senses.

  • 4. Think

    Thinking is a difficult job, that is why so few people love it. That is what Henry Ford once said.

    Develop your logical thinking, it will let you move towards the nest point after you understand the previous one. Creative thinking allows on developing some thoughts from a single one, and then new ones appear from them, and so on. You need to use these thinking types while you think, and not to forget about critical and analytical ones as well. The wisdom is to understand what instrument is to be used at a certain moment.

  • 5. Improve Your Concentration

    Concentration Improved

    It is hard to learn how to concentrate oneself, but it is possible. The more you concentrate on something, the greater will be your success. There are no other ways.

    Try testing yourself: how many kinds of activity do you go in for during the day? Even the number of your looks onto a smartphone display or websites visited counts. That is what kills your concentration. The will to know and to try everything leads to the lack of focus. Most people feel it difficult to read one book during a week, because this activity requires having concentration skills.

  • 6. Strengthen Your Watchfulness

    A watchful person obtains great memory and intuition. These all are skills that are required for your brain to be developed. Remember things, remind details of the past day and the clothes that was on your friend during that time. It is not only useful for your brain, but it allows making lots of interesting conclusions as well.

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