What Is Architecture? Pieces of Advice for a Research

Making an Investigation

Architecture is at the same time a science and an art. Architecture can also be a system of buildings in the city. There are three main features in architecture: the usefulness, the strength, and the beauty. These three features belong to functional, constructional and aesthetic characteristics of architecture. All of these things define the architectural composition. The elements of the architectural composition are: architectonics, scale, proportions, rhythmic ratio, plastic, texture, and colors. Architecture exists as long as a humanity do. A lot of scientists and scholars are exploring architecture nowadays. They subdivide the existence of the architecture into several periods. You can find more details about architecture here.

To Conduct a Research: Explanations

First of all, when you are aimed at working on your research paper on architecture you have to look through a lot of works of the various authors, who conducted investigations in the sphere of science you have chosen. You do not have to quote them a lot of times, but you should analyze their explorations and make your own conclusions. You should also pursue your own investigation, describe it and provide your own responses to the big question.

How to Choose an Issue to Write On?

You can begin with the topic and then define a big question or do the opposite and start with the question and after that formulate the main theme. This can be some significant building from an architectural point of view, or a person, who has made a contribution into the development of Architecture, or a style, or a past event, which you are sure will help you to approach your main issue. Your topic and a main issue can even be the same. For instance, if you are fond of Paris, you can write a research text on the fact that in the 19th century this city was renovated. This changed the life of all of the citizens, but poor people were under the greatest influence because they were displaced from their homes. So, the direction of your discoveries and analysis can refer to the possible changes in the city, which will make it better for poor people.

Searching for Help in Libraries

These are some useful tips that you have to know facing the library research. Your first steps on this will deal with the basic resources such as the internet and encyclopedias. Keep in mind the list of sources provided by your professor in assignment – this may be extremely helpful. If there is no such a list, do not feel shy to request the professor to advise some relevant and reliable sources. This will help you to look up for the main points of the topic you chose. Of course, you should broaden your database using an electronic catalog. You also have to remember about the compilation of the bibliography and note the main ideas from every book on Architecture you used. Do not forget to make notes. These will help you to keep in mind huge amounts of information. All of the sources you use have to be reliable.

Make It Narrow

If you have analyzed a lot of information on your issue, your topic should be narrowed. You should take notes during reading, in such a way you will be able to concentrate on the main theses of the work you have read. One more useful trick is to pick an example. You will be able to show the problem through this example and provide a solution to this problem. It will also be possible to generalize and make the conclusions.

Specific Demands

To begin with, it is advisory to choose a problem which you are going to solve. This will be the main goal of your investigation. To contribute to the logics of writing you have to state a big question. For example, if you want to discover the architecture of the baroque period, the buildings of this period will be your big problem. To make your investigations and discoveries more demonstrative, you are welcome to subdivide smaller problem, such as a certain architectural object, or, what is even better, architectural fault. This can be one of the temples, which were built during the baroque period.


Present the Material in a Structured Way

It does not matter what kind of the research paper you have to write, you should deliver the information in a structured manner. Your first step will be introducing the topic of your work and explaining the importance of such kind of the investigation. Then you can write some information about the scientists or scholars who have explored those problems. The next part of your essay is the main body. You should write all of the information which you found out in this part. The last but not the least step is making conclusions.

Finish Effectively

If you chose a certain problematic issue on Architecture and then conduct an investigation, you have to provide the reader with your own original resolutions to the problems. Mention all of your discoveries. This will be the result of your work, which will disclose all of your skills in writing essay papers on architecture, as well as a good theoretical background knowledge. So, your conclusions should be understandable and reflect your discoveries.

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