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Academic writing is a sphere that sets you into certain frames. For sure, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find must-read information before starting your APA format research paper.

Pros and Cons of Formatting

Clear Writing

When learning the requirements of different citation styles, most students think something like “Who ever needs this formatting?” From one point of view, it can really seem useless: it causes wordiness, makes your paper look like all others, requires you to know all authors, years of editing of the sources which you use for your paper. In fact, it seems that you have to do a double work just because of formatting. However, there is the other side of the coin which mostly shows how formatting works for you:

  1. It makes your writing clearer: when you are set into the frames of your citation style you need to be a little bit less creative. However, such a limitation is not always bad when it comes to an academic type of writing. The research papers usually play an important role in an educational context, therefore, they might be a subject of interest of other students, scholars or professors. In order for your idea to be understood correctly, you have to be as clear as possible and proper formatting helps you to do so.
  2. It helps you to avoid plagiarizing. If you have any experience in college writing you are definitely aware of what a big sin plagiarism is. Even if you do not consider it as the greatest evil you will surely be penalized for it strictly. When you have such a tool as formatting you can easily cite the excerpts that you take from the sources, indicate the books’ and article’s authors and mention where you have got a certain idea from.
  3. It won’t let you miss your personal information. One of the must-have parts of any format requirements is a title page. There, a student usually mentions the name, affiliation to a certain educational institution, date, and the name of the paper. If title pages did not exist most research papers would remain not recognized.

APA Format: Brief Guide


There are basic points that formatting touches upon. Here we will provide you with an explanation of distinctive features of APA referencing style.

  1. When to use APA? APA is a style that is applied to the works written for such subjects as sociology, nursing, psychology, business studies, linguistics, and economics. Other subjects usually require different types of referencing like MLA, Chicago Turabian, Harvard referencing, ASA etc.
  2. What to indicate on the title page? The title page should contain such information as the name of the research paper, a student’s first and last name, and affiliation to a certain educational institution. Also, every page must have a running head at the top.
  3. How to cite sources in the text? If you are using sentences from the source or just borrow an idea from there you are to indicate the author and year of the source’s issue. The full information about the books and articles which you use is to be mentioned on the separate page at the end of the paper.

How to Research and Turn It into a Worthy Paper?

One of the peculiarities of the research paper writing is that a student has to combine different skills in order to get a desired grade. Here is a list of the skills that one must try to develop for writing well:

  • An ability of attentive reading. Although it may sound weird but every writing process starts with reading. It deals with various spheres: reading the books and articles, reading works of other students and scholars, and (one of the most important) reading your paper instructions. Remember that a failure to grasp the idea of what the professor expects from you can result in a paper’s failure overall. Also, attentiveness means that you have to be aware of every detail as not following even one of them can deduct your points.
  • A proper research. If you are to write a research paper you should not only write the ideas from your head but conduct profound research of the assigned topic first. Make sure that you know how many sources you are asked to use and read all of them as usually they represent different aspects of your research. Do not be lazy as you may find a number of interesting facts that you would never know without them.
  • Structuring your paper carefully. Remember to follow a standard structure of the academic paper. There are parts that should never be lost as the whole idea will not be clear enough.

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