Acting Skills for Your Success in College

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If you are currently debating whether you want to join drama club, stop hesitating. Being a great actor can help you in life. Not only you will find a practical application for your acting skills during college, but also in daily workplace situations, such as finding a job or maintaining a balanced relationship with your coworkers. Let us look behind the scenes to find out how it works.


A great actor can use their voice to convey almost anything, from anger to happiness, from sarcasm to melancholy. They enunciate the words clearly and loud enough for the audience to hear, they talk effortlessly and manage to evoke any response they want. Eloquent speech is one of the most necessary skills to survive in the modern world, as it is impossible to live inside a society and be detached from human interaction. Learn how to speak and you will be on top of the world, or at least, on top of your class.


Do you possess the moves? Actors not only use verbal communication, but place a great deal of importance on non-verbal communication. Moving and silently expressing desires, placing orders and conveying emotions is not an easy task. If you practice dancing, gymnastics or any kind of sport, you probably feel and understand your body more than those who do not exercise. The right kind of movement will provide you with self-confidence and the right manners to assert yourself in a polite way. Not to mention health, which comes with exercise, is the root of all life.

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Feeling the tempo of a performance is an actor’s right and obligation. Any play is timed until the last second, and going off course will lead to disaster and mayhem. Knowing when the time to speak is, when the time to stay silent is and how to complete the maximum amount of work in the assigned time are the skills that not many possess. Mastering the concepts of time and rhythm is important not only for your benefit, but also to avoid playing a bad joke on others. For example, in a group project, your share of work should be done on time, as it may be connected with the work of your partner, that cannot start without your input.


A highly artistic person is often creative and unprecedented. They know how to stand out and bring originality to the table. With creativity comes the ability to find a way out almost in any seemingly impossible situation. To develop this skill fully you can train to be an actor even in your own bedroom. How would you interpret a play? What would be your way of expressing the words of the characters? This skill is often needed at school or at work, as routine tasks can be performed by anyone from the grey mass, but adding a twist is the talent of only a few.

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