Academic Vocabulary for a Top-Notch Paper

Working with Dictionary

What differs any academic work you have created and the post on Facebook is the choice of language. Usage of academic words and phrases should never be neglected. You would be surprised how linking words and correct synonyms change your work from a high-school level draft to a complete shining paper. So, what are the basic steps towards a remarkable paper?

Use Linking Words and Phrases

It is hard to underestimate the value of linking words. They join the separate ideas and arguments to be a whole, thus, it is easier to read and comprehend a text. We use them in everyday life, too, but academic vocabulary contains certain ones that any student needs to remember. The examples are endless: furthermore, likewise, to give an illustration, that is to say, coupled with, in other words, having said that, notwithstanding and so on. Take your time and make your own list of vocabulary to support the point, to give examples, to show contrasts, signify importance or summarize your ideas. It will come in handy later, as you can just look through the draft and add the missing linking words from this list where needed.

Student Proofreading

Look up the Synonyms

The language is an ocean, an endless system that is most likely to have the exact word you need, but you are not aware of it yet. What you need to do is to take your time and find the smart words, that will not look too odd or fancy in your paper, but will make it more memorable comparing to other ones. A few examples of pairs: says - asserts, a lot - myriad, causes - engenders, thinks - reasons, motivates - galvanizes, explain - elucidate, fragile - tenuous. Set a number of pairs you want to reveal for yourself and use it in your academic works later!

Ask for Help

Another way to make sure your paper corresponds to a decent level of academic writing requirements is to ask someone help you replace the common language with academic synonyms. You are free to use any source of help, be it your friend or the best essay writing service you have managed to find, the main thing is that you are certain of the result you have in the end. After the check and editing are done, look through the essay carefully once again and compare the draft and the fair copy to detect the fixed parts and learn for the future.

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