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Essay writing appears to be one of the top themes for student’s memes on the web today. Why is it so? The answer is clear if you have ever been to college: essays are written every day and everywhere. It does not always mean that writing is such an enjoyable activity so every learner cannot help but spends free time doing essays. Most essay memes look like “Oh, essay again!” or “It’s over, it’s done!” containing a picture of an exhausted student who is almost dying. Essay writing brings many issues to life of the student but we can assure that there is as easy as 123 help for writing.

Simplify It Now!

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As promised, our experts are ready to share their recommendations based on practice and years of experience.

  1. “What do you want from me?”

    Most students face difficulties at the very beginning of their writing process – they simply do not understand what the professor wants them to do. Usually, it seems that tutors are your enemies and just want to make your life more complicated when they send several files with instructions, sources, grading rubrics and other info for paper’s completion. However, you are to take advantages of all those docs as they can be your guide to a high grade.

    First of all, study the instruction – it should contain those requirements that the student is to follow. This is not only an obligation but a tip for you what to be looking for. The instruction will let you know how many words to write, the type of paper you need to write and what exactly you are expected to do: analyze, show your reflections, synthesize the material or persuade someone.

    Secondly, you can use grading rubric to benefit: there is information for you how to get the highest mark. If you do not care about being the best student in class – just check the necessary grade’s requirements and follow them.

  2. Following, not copying.
    Looking into Neighbor’s Paper

    Our second recommendation has two parts:

    1. Good examples are worth to be followed. If you know what kind of paper you need to complete but are not aware of how it should look like check the samples. They may have different topics or might be written in a different format but still they can give you the general idea of what you are expected to do. When you see a completed work you can imagine how to come up with your own results.
    2. Even if you find a perfect essay that fits every point of your paper instruction, resist the temptation to copy it and to submit as your own. Even if you hide parts from it among your own words be sure that plagiarism detectors are smart enough today in order to find cunny students.
  3. Start from the middle.

    Keeping a right order is crucial but things are different when it comes to essay writing. The writer’s block is a problem that students face at the beginning of the writing process. What to start with is a common question that may take you hours and lastly you will find yourself watching the twenty-second video with cats on YouTube. If you do not feel like procrastinating this time, begin from the middle – write your arguments and support them. After you have a main part of your paper, it will be easier to present an introduction and come up with a proper conclusion.

  4. Internet is more than just fun.

    It may seem surprising but most people today are using the web for entertainment mostly: messages, tweets, snapshots, likes and dislikes – this is a common routine of the average Internet user. However, it can bring you much more use than you can imagine, especially if you are a participant of the learning process.

    There is a range of learning resources that can teach you a lot: find the necessary materials for your research, learn how to write a certain type of paper, get infographics for your presentation, share your solution to the math problem and get necessary assignment completed instead. What is more, there is an opportunity to get your paper written or edited if you are in a hurry or just not in a mood for writing. Surf the internet wisely and make use of cutting-edge opportunities.

  5. Ask others for ideas.

    Sometimes, you may brainstorm as hard as you can but still be missing the ideas for your essay. If such situation occurs, students are advised to use help of people around them. Do not feel shy to ask your friends or parents what they think about a certain topic. They may just have a different approach to the issue which you review and come up with brilliant ideas that you have never thought about. Also, you can communicate with your college mates – they might have had experience in writing the same assignments and can certainly share it with you. If these methods are not effective enough – remember about your online essay helpers and make an order with us!

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