What Is Architecture? Pieces of Advice for a Research

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Architecture is at the same time a science and an art. Architecture can also be a system of buildings in the city. There are three main features in architecture: the usefulness, the strength, and the beauty. These three features belong to functional, constructional and aesthetic characteristics of architecture. All of these things define the architectural composition. The elements of the architectural composition are: architectonics, scale, proportions, rhythmic ratio, plastic, texture, and colors. Architecture exists as long as a humanity do. A lot of scientists and scholars are exploring architecture nowadays. They subdivide the existence of the architecture into several periods. You can find more details about architecture here.

Template of Paper Outline: Our Tips and Examples

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It is vital not only to compose your text in an original and creative way but also set eyes on other essential parts of your work. For instance, you have to make an outline for your article. This is one of the most significant things which shows the quality of your work and prepares the reader to the materials, which you put down in the main piece of your text. After you choose a topic for your report, you have to turn your mind to the creation of the outline. It is not as easy as you may think. This demands a full concentration and awareness of the major theme of your work.

Synthesis Essays: Why on Earth?


A synthesis essay seems a regular essay with its central idea or topic, introduction, thesis statements, paragraphs and all that stuff. It isn’t too big or too small and it has the .docx format. However, a synthesis essay requires truly serious research and ages to produce, not even because of the essay, but because of the number of sources for close reading. An essay written at the last night before the deadline means at least two weeks of preparation. Moreover, you have to remember and think about your synthesis essay beforehand. Why? What does this “nasty” work give you besides a mark?

Research Paper About Sport: Do Not Struggle


Are you the best sportsperson in your college? Are you proud of it as your greatest achievement and life-long vocation? Do you want to develop your wonderful body instead of taking those boring tests and writing endless term papers? Take it easy and find pleasure in whatever you’re supposed to do! At least in your term paper, as you are free to choose a topic and relate it to your labor of love. Sport also needs broad investigations for such people as you in order to help them do sports correctly and safely.

Essay on Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”

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This is one of the most popular Shakespeare’s plays: both teenagers and adults enjoy it and reread several times. However, when students get a task related to the “Twelfth Night,” they are confused and do not know what to do. Sure, writing an analysis of a certain literary work, especially if it is Shakespeare’s play, is not easy and demands something more than just the knowledge of the plot. You have to be able to analyze characters, the language of a certain play, its tone and the main sense. Of course, it is sometimes necessary to read it several times before writing an essay. Moreover, it is significant to make some notes during this process. In this article, we tried to explain the correct structure of such a paper and give several useful examples of its paragraphs.

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