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Essay Help

It is important to find a good one among custom essay writing services, which will be able to meet all of your academic paper writing demands. Such a service should have a lot of different professional writers, who can work with different paper types on various subjects. Thus, you will be able to feel comfortable and confident in getting high quality essay help. This is what we offer to our customers!

Variety of Options for Essay Writing Help and Help with other Papers

As we have already mentioned, you are welcome to buy essays and other academic papers of any kind with us, namely:

  1. Types of Academic Papers We Help With

    There are a lot of assignment types we can actually write. We have years long experience of performing our services for clients with the sophisticated demands. To perfectly meet the expectations of our valuable clients we have developed a number of opportunities and services to write various types of assignments. Here are some of them for you to understand the range of options we have.

    • Custom Research Papers Writing Service

      It is not enough to carry a good research, but you should also present your results in a proper and clear way. Our experts have completed numerous research papers at the highest quality level, so they are experienced enough to do more custom research papers for you at their best. Kindly, note, that the help is possible even if you do not have a topic yet.

    • Custom Essays Writing Service

      Writing essays is the most frequent academic assignment type. You can buy essays of narrative, argumentative, descriptive and expository types and all of them will be well-done strictly according to instructions. The essay type of writing requires the writer’s personal point of view on the issue. Thus, you will see that your writer includes the extra-ordinary thoughts to impress your professor.

    • Custom Dissertations Writing Service Buy essay

      Our writers successfully work on dissertations as well as with separate dissertation chapters. Dissertation is a large project, which takes much time and efforts, so this will definitely be a good choice to order assistance by a reliable one from custom essay writing services. Writing a dissertation requires an in-depth review of a certain specific aspect or problem. Who can cope within this better if not the person who has a masters or Ph.D. diploma on the selected field? This is what makes us so confident in the fact that having ordered your dissertation with us you will be satisfied with the results and impressed by a good grade.

    • Custom Term Paper Writing Service

      We also do the custom term paper writing according to the instructions of students. Term paper has a big grade value, so it is extremely important for a student to do it really well. A custom term paper writing may include custom research papers, book reviews or essays as its parts. Therefore, a writer, who is experienced in completion of any papers will be quite helpful here.

      “I just submitted it and it indeed was plagiarism free. I did check the policy though but still wasn't sure. I really appreciate your help. I will definitely contact you in case I need to do my essay or anything over the summer semester. Thanks, again for the perfect term paper!”, Philosophy, “The Case for Torture”, 13 pages

    • Exam Paper Writing Service

      There is another option to pay to an essay writer to pass an exam for you. There are opportunities to order writing offline exam papers as well as helping with the online tasks on specific university websites or websites with courses, even if you need to share your e-mail and password. Based on the privacy policy conditions of our paper writing service you can forward the log in details to the writer with no worries. Your assistant will access the directions for your essay paper or the multiple choice questions to perform the best quality assistance. You will never fail your exam with the help of HQessays.Com as our writers have the same goal as you do!

    • Custom Creative Writing Service

      If you do not think that you are a creative person there is a reason to hire an essay writer if you face the task dealing with creative writing. Inspiration does not appear as per a request but the help of our paper writing service does. You can buy essay or a short story. It is even possible to get an essay writer to create poem or novel. That is why we are known as the best essay writing service: we are not afraid of even the most sophisticated writing challenges.

  2. Complexity Levels We Deal with

    We are not a company, having teenage writers, who know how to write and want to earn money. All our writers are Master’s or Ph.D. academic level holders, so they are ready to deal with any complexity levels. Here are the specifications they always take into account.

    High School Papers

    College Papers

    University Papers

    Master's Level Papers

    Ph.D. papers

    Required Knowledge and Skills

    A basic understanding of an issue

    A Basic understanding of an issue with a try of a deeper review

    An in-depth understanding of an issue and its context

    An in-depth understanding of an issue, its context and ability

    Exhaustive knowledge of the topic, ability to critically analyze all the points of view on it and suggest your own theory

    Language Used

    Basic language

    Basic language taking into account the academic writing style

    Academic language with usage of appropriate terms

    The text, which can properly and fully be understood only by an expert due to the terms’ usage.

    The academic language with the proper stylistics and frequent usage of terms, links and allusions to other papers on the issue.

    Usage of Sources

    Any sources will work

    Any sources are possible except all kinds of “pedia”s

    Only academic sources are allowed to be used for writing essays

    Only reliable academic sources can be used for paper writing; all the main sources on the issue are to be used

    The writer needs to check all possible academic sources which deal with the issue, even if they are hard to be accessed.

    Thus, if you buy essays at High School level, they won’t be completed at the too high academic level: College papers won’t look like Master level ones. It is important to feel the limits and our essay writers do know what kind of writing you expect to get when you buy essay.

    “Just wanted to thank my essay writer personally for the amazing essay he wrote for me, received my marks today got a 95 overall. I really appreciate your paper writing service, as my professor did think it was my essay. I am convinced that there is a point to get back to you the next time I need to do my essay”, History, “The Female Holiness”, 4 pages

How to Get the Lowest Price for Custom Writing Services?

There is one important detail for any customer, no matter whether he needs term paper writing service, custom research papers completion or he simply needs to buy essays for school. This is a price. A good and affordable price makes ordering more comfortable and this definitely contributes to the customer’s satisfaction. Here are some ways to get the best quote for hiring an expert to write an essay paper:

Writing Essay

“You guys offer the best prices for college papers! I order regularly as I need you to do my essay for me and assignments for my friend at least twice a week. I must admit we started getting much better grades. We are glad to have found you as you are the best essay writing service I have ever ordered with”, Management, “Starbucks as a Green Company”, 5 pages

Way #1: Select as Long Deadline as Possible

The price depends on the deadline with our essay paper writing service, so if you do not have the time limits, select the longest one you can. The price will be low, and we will send you the paper as soon as it is completed by your essay writer. Thus, you will definitely have time for revisions, which by the way are free of charge if you buy essay with us.

Way #2: Order Fewer Pages

The first thing you should know, is that if you buy essay having 5 pages, you will get 5 pages + title page + reference page(s) as they come for free. Also, if you have limited financial possibilities, you can request your essay writer to complete 1 or 2 pages less than needed. The texts of the university, high school and college papers etc. we complete are concise, so you will easily elaborate. Also, if you need to buy essay but you cannot afford it ask for an essay outline. The completed order will be of a great help for structuring of your essay and putting some fresh ideas especially if you notify your essay writer that you will need to write on yourself based on the materials. The reference page will come for free by default but in some cases you can also ask your writer to provide you with the soft copies of references. Thus your online essay writer will save you the valuable hours you could have spent at the library.

“I have asked you to type my essay. As a result, my 2-page completed order had enough information to write a 5-page paper easily. There is no an odd word. Simply a perfect service, thanks!”, English, “Masculinity and Media”, 2 pages

Lengthy Essay Paper

Way #3: Ask for a Discount

Ask for a discount this is the easiest way of getting the price lowered. Just contact support team telling that you need an essay help but you cannot buy essay at the current price. You will get the best offer and pay for your writing comfortably. You should understand that the low price does not correspond to the low quality with our service. Even if you spend just a few dollars to buy essay with hqessays.com you can be sure to expect a brilliant essay paper.

Cheap Writing Essays

Way #4: Remove the Requests for the Extra Services/Features

If you ask our service to write your assignment for you, you get the high quality of the outcome by default. The extra services and options have been developed for the maximally convenient ordering but if you do not pay extra for them we will still do our best to meet your expectations. For example one can pay 30% for the editor’s service and get their order reviewed by one more writer. However, the one who does not request this feature will get one expert who will responsibly write a high quality paper.

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